1937 Ford Deluxe Cabriolet

1937 Ford Deluxe

1937 Ford Deluxe Cabriolet

This trophy-winning car is customized from top to bottom and that makes it fun to both drive and show. Come and see Kevin at the car show. He'd love to talk with you.


Built For Speed & Reliability


This 1937 is a "beast" when it comes to pushing down on the throttle. It sports a bored out 350 SB to a 383 cu in. Additionally, it has been stroked, polished, and blueprinted for performance. This 383 stroker produces 462 horsepower and 520 foot pounds of torque. It has a 9" 302 Ford rearend and a GM Turbo 350 4 speed automatic transmission. It can get up and go. The tenants for building this car were "Safety, Reliability, Speed, Sound, and Driving Comfort. We met all of these tenants and more. It rides like a Cadillac on the open road.

A Powered Rumble Seat


One of the fun additions that the Deluxe 2-door Cabriolet has is a rumble seat. This seat is one of the most wonderful elements of this beautiful car. One can ride in the seat behind the driver and passenger with comfort and excitement as the wind blows through your hair. I say it is the safest motorcycle experience one will ever have. I installed a Ball's 'Lectra-Lift" system to open the rumble seat using a button behind the driver's seat. This had to be engineered to work with a rumble seat as the application is for a trunk lid, which opens 180 degrees opposite a rumble seat. I am pleased as to how it turned out. Not only will it open and close using the linear actuator, but it locks from the inside as well.

8-Way Power Seats to Boot!


The seats are from a 2004 Nissan Maxima and are 8-way with a lumbar support. The original computer operated seats were wired and installed with care onto a Paduck hardwood and upholstered Platform, which is bolted through the floorboard. These seats are fully functional and are amazingly comfortable when riding in the car. Under the raised seat platform hides a 400 watt stereo that wires into 2 tweeters and two midrange speakers with a 6" woofer as well. This makes for a ride with tunes a blast.

Custom Engineering Makes It all Work!


We wanted to incorporate today's technology with yesterday's beauty and history. The list of ideas and installations is long on this wonderful automobile. I installed an 8" diaphragm power brake booster system under the hood coupled to disc brakes up front and shoe brakes in the rear for amazing braking power. Also under the hood is an MSD 6AL Digital ignition controller coupled to a 50,000 volt MSD Coil. The difference can be felt in the performance. Idle is smoother and the engine pulls harder at high RPM. The controller has a rev limiter, which is easily set via dials on the front. Finally, to round out the ignition system, I installed a computer behind the original dashboard that controls a push-button start system with electronic lockout and remote start functionality, all providing reliable vehicle security with "sure-start" expectations. It provides reliable energy to this powerful engine while making it more convenient than the original key systems coupled to a separate button start. The front-end is a Mustang II rack and pinion steering system with disc brakes on the 14" wheels. This makes the steering accurate with the 15" mahogany steering wheel without drift or shake of any kind. Finally, a full HVAC system was devised and installed to provide heat in the winter and AC in the summer. All helping to deliver comfort for those enjoying the ride in this amazing car.

The Story

The '37 Ford Deluxe 85 Cabriolet has been in the family for over 20 plus years. It was identified and purchased by Wayne VanWoerkom. He began a restoration project that most all of us participated in over those many years. He loved this car and finally decided to "Street Rod" the car over 15 years ago. He sold the "flathead 8" and transmission, along with the drivetrain to others that wanted to restore a vehicle of this caliber. I think he got the bug when he acquired his red 1936 "5-window coupe" from a builder/owner in San Francisco one year. I was fortunate enough to help him with a number of modifications needed to make the conversion complete. I loved it when he would ask me to build something or help him with a new update to the project. This conversion set the car into a future that would clearly label it as a "Street Rod." It included a Mustang II front end with coil-over springs, rack and pinion manual steering, a Chevy 350 V-8 SB, a GM Turbo 350 4-speed automatic transmission, and a Ford 302 rear end. This was a great combination for the new future Hot Rod. Most of the rest of the car would remain Stock for the most part. His buddy, Dave, would do the body work and painting as required, which would bring the car back to life. It was a beauty then....and still is. So......after all these years the car saw the road a time or two per month and basically rested forever in the garage. I would ask Papa Wayne when I would come to visit...."Does the convertible run yet?" He would chuckle his famous nervous laugh and say...."Sure." Yet, he would never take it out or suggest that we take a run around the block. I still wonder why to this day? Maybe it wasn't completed? Maybe it was unsafe? I will never know. So......I make the assumption that the time was not just right for a ride in this sweet machine. My father-in-law took the real story with him when he passed away in February of 2012. So....I got to take the car forward and find out all about the machine with my own hands. My mother-in-law contacted us to tell us that she was selling the "Ford." We took her up on the offer to help her with monthly finances and had it shipped from California to Loveland, OH in August of 2012. The transformation took 5+ years to complete. The result can be seen as you look at this beautiful and historic machine.


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Kevin Husted


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